Tuesday, March 9, 2010

He's too big to be in my lap!

In his short life Calvin has flown in airplanes more than a lot of adults, and his tickets have been free so far because he was under two and was sitting in my lap. For the first time Calvin got his own ticket, since he is too old to ride for free.

I thought it would be easy not having him try to climb onto my shoulders the whole time to reach the light button. Without him in my lap, my chances of making it through the flight without getting covered in chocolate milk double.

So I was a little concerned when the first thing he did when we got into our seats was to climb into my lap and fall asleep. Did I just spend $300 on nothing? The flight attendant (who gave him a whole handful of Delta cookies) even seemed to think that I could get away with having him be a lap child for another few months.

Even though he preferred to be in my lap, it was good to have the extra space. I was entitled to an extra carry-on, because he needed one too, which was another benefit. And eventually he was able to get comfortable in his own seat, which was good because he wanted to throw his football around, drive his trucks and take up space with his toddler antics.