Monday, June 28, 2010

A local doctor gave me some great tips for a healthy pregnancy!

A couple of weeks ago I met Bobby Hall, a doctor of Herbal Medicine, and agreed to try a health screening in her office.

I've never done a health screening, so I was curious, and her coupon said that such a screening could prevent diseases by detecting the underlying causes.... That can be pretty alluring to someone who lost two parents to cancer (I suppose the underlying cause of Dad's cancer wasn't much of a mystery - he just smoked a lot).

When I got there, the first thing I told her was that I was pregnant. I wasn't sure what she was going to do, so it seemed like a good idea. She called the company that made the little machine that she was going to use to make sure it was safe.  They said it was. Then she tailored her screening to fit my needs.

The idea behind the screening is this: In your body every different kind of cell, every organ, and every vitamin has it's own electromagnetic frequency. These frequencies make it possible for your brain to control all the different parts of your body. So she has a machine, connected to a program on her computer, that sends frequencies through my body that corresponds to each system. If the frequencies are out of whack somehow, she can find your problem areas.

And boy, is it specific! She went through each system, like my cardiovascular system, my immune system, my digestive system to see if things were normal. Then under diet she was able to tell me that I really shouldn't be having a lot of dairy, because it weakens me. (I love milk, and have always been under the impression that it does a body good, so this news hit me hard. It was like she told me that Santa Claus doesn't exist.)

She was able to see exactly what vitamins that I was deficient in, and gave me a vitamin mix that has, as far as I can tell, everything I could possibly need. She even called the vitamin company to find out how much I needed to take to make sure I was getting enough folic acid for the baby.

She did my emotions and found them to be a little high, which she brushed off because I'm pregnant. But I was curious about it. Part of what she does is give emotional consultations, and using this machine she can test to see what ultra-specific emotion you are having. There was a scroll down list of about fifty emotions like bitterness, boredom, jealously, fear, satisfaction. Each emotion, apparently, has it's own frequency.  It's like getting your palm read by a computer.  I wished she would have gone through my emotions so I could see if it was accurate, but maybe next time.

Then she screened my musculoskeletal system and it went a little haywire. It was no surprise... the first time I heard of Dr. Hall was through her office mate, Kim Lazarus, my chiropractor. I'm one of these people who just get out of alignment all the time. And now that I'm pregnant my hips and my lower abdomen/groin areas are bugging me.

Dr. Hall said "I've got just the thing" and she gave me some drops called Preg Back Tone and Preg Groin Tone. They're supposed to safely relieve pain and make the ligaments a little stronger.  I hope they work.

But what made me really happy about the visit was the herbs that she recommended for a healthy pregnancy. The first was Red Raspberry, which is supposed to strengthen your uterus and entire body for a easy childbirth. She gave me a tea recipe that calls for equal parts red raspberry, oat straw, alfalfa and peppermint.

Then there's a herbal supplement that you can take called 5W. It's a combination of a few herbs that you take five weeks before your due date.  It makes your body and uterus strong and also makes your tissues nice and elastic so that you have a really easy childbirth. I definitely want to try it.

Dr. Hall's phone number is 662-2222.