Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sibling rivalry

Before Gloria was born I wondered how Calvin would react to having a little sister.  He's been an only child for so long and he's used to being in the center of attention.  Would he have sibling rivalry?

Kind of.  For the first few weeks he didn't want to go near her.  He wasn't mean, he just didn't acknowledge her presence and while other toddlers (mostly girls) wanted to hold her, he didn't even want to touch her. 

But he noticed that she was getting attention, and so he started to show a lot of interest in doing baby things - maybe to get attention. 

He wanted to play with her toys and suck on her Nuk. Then when Alison, Katie's 10 month old, came and was jumping in one of our baby contraptions and getting everyone to whip out their video cameras, he started to jump in it too even though he is way too big. 

I took a picture of Gloria doing tummy time and he wanted me to take a picture of him doing tummy time.  Then he wanted to make a family event out of tummy time where we all lay on our tummies on the floor (I took it as a sign that he's warming up to her). 

Finally, after a month, and probably in an effort to stay up a few minutes past his bedtime, Calvin said, "Wanna hold the baby." And he did.  For ten seconds. Luckily I got the picture.