Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Cave" and "bat" are totally sayable for a baby. Stalactite and Stalagmites were fun to see and to hear about. We could tell that Calvin was having a wonderful time, clicking his tongue while he saw the sunlight for the last time before going underground.

There are lots of things to capture a baby's imagination in the cave. The rock foramtions looked like piles of ice cream, a whale's mouth, an iceberg and a city of gnomes, the sound of water dripping. Older kids can learn about chemical reactions.

We were all living vicariously through Calvin, who completely ignored rule #3- "keep your voice to a whisper because it echos." He spendt most of the time singing, grunting, clicking and talking. Enjoying the sound of his voice bounce off the walls and through the tunnels.

Warning: Hiking down from the natural entrance may be too hard for some kids because it's steep. If your kids are small or haven't hiked that far, you can take an elevator down and from there see the cool parts.

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