Monday, May 25, 2009

Cougar safety in Last Chance Canyon

Before beginning our trek into Last Chance Canyon, the park sign had a sign about what to do if you see a cougar on the trail:

1)Pick up your children and calm them down.
2)Do not run (cougars will catch you)
3)Use your jacket and your arms to make yourself look bigger.
4)If the cougar comes closer, throw rocks.
5)If it attacks - fight back!

Yikes! Margaret was in the back of the group, but she planned to give the cougars a whap with her walking stick if they try to pick her off.


  1. Makes one want to turn around and run for cover!

  2. No kidding. We didn't see any. But do you know that there are mountain lions in Los Alamos! It makes me pretty paranoid to be carrying around a backpack full of bait through the mountains.

  3. i was just complaining about all the scary spiders i have to contend with, and then i read this and had to scold myself for being afraid of something that can't actually eat me.

  4. Bait! And that would just be the leftover cookies, crackers, etc. just hanging off the little guy, let alone his precious self. Maybe the back pack should be a front pack.Don't let him out of your sight.
    Take care, Janice