Monday, April 20, 2009

The beauty of hiking without a baby

After hiking all the time carrying a 25 pound baby, it can be incredibly refreshing to get out by mysef. It was especially true a few weeks ago when I went to my running club one last time before going on a trip to Minnesota to see my dad.

The club is made up of four of five stay at home parents who get together to take turns taking care of the kids so that we can run.

When it was my turn I ran along a trail that went through the canyon along North Mesa. It was so good to just enjoy the feel of my arms swinging free and my legs pounding along the dirt trail, and running up the cliff without worying about another person.

I had enough on my mind. I was seeing my dad because he has terminal lung cancer. I wasn't sure what to expect or when I would come home. My emotions had been wound up as tight, and the run at least loosened things up.

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