Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our kid might not actually like to hike.

It seems weird to admit it, since I have a blog about baby hikes, but I get the feeling that my baby doesn't like to hike.

Or at least I got that feeling when we tried to take him out on Mitchell Trail, by our house, about a month ago.

We thought he needed to work off a little bit of steam and it was as good a day to get him hiking on his own two feet as any.  You know, because so far he's just been riding around in the backpack.

I think that the problem is that he spotted the playground across the street from the trailhead.  When he realized that we were going down the trail, and not to the playground, all hell broke loose.  We carried him kicking and screaming into the trail. We tried to get him to walk, and he just stood there, crying.

Finally we walked ahead of him and waited. He cried like we had abandoned him on the street.  But finally he started to walk down the path towards us. When he walked his twenty feet, we relented, and took him to the playground. No sense in forcing the issue.

But now I realize that we might have to take this hiking thing one step at a time.

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