Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bears in our yard

I was reading by lamplight last night and I thought I saw something out of the corner on my eye in the window. Something big walking by my window. It sounded like a bear or a werewolf (I was reading about werewolves) and so I was too scared to turn on the light and look out the window. I told my self that it was just my imagination.

Later, when I was in bed we heard more noises. Quinn went to the window and said, "There. is. a. bear...outside."

I rant to the window. Our garbage can was down, and the bear had left. A police car drove by waving a flashlight, looking for the bear. We were hanging out our window, trying to get his attention by waving the curtains. He said, "Which way did they go?"

That way!

We went back to bed and heard, one by one, every dog on our street start to bark. We figured the bears must have gotten all the way to Diamond Drive. We fell asleep again. I dreamed that we had bears and wolves all in our back yard swimming in our pool and we were outside with them.

We woke up and they were back. This time we watched as the bear went after the huge smelly can of Ranch Beans that we had thrown away the day before. Another bear was walking down the middle of the street and a medium sized dog was running loose. The one in our cans looked like it was about 400 pounds.

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  1. When bears lose their fear of humans and start to loot garbage cans things can get dangerous. I would be very careful about locking your doors and leaving your windows open only a little because they will try to get in.