Thursday, July 16, 2009

I got a picture of the bear, but its terrible!

Last night I was ready for the bear. I had my camera sitting on the window sill of my bedroom. I didn't know if he would come back, but it was the night before garbage day, and I just cleaned out the area under Calvin's car seat, and threw away a half eaten bag of kettle corn, and various bags of goldfish and a half eaten package of baby green beans. P.U.

Sure enough, just after bed I heard the unmistakable snuffling, the crunch of paws in the rocks and the smack of the garbage can against the sidewalk. It was a brown bear. It looked bigger than yesterday. It looked up from the can, as if to say, "Very Tasty."

I was at the window clicking pictures as if I was some famous National Geographic nature photographer..But when I saw the pictures I realized that I'm totally not.

It's hard to take pictures of bears in the dark. This was the best one, and if you squint you might be able to make out the legs.

Mostly I just got the window screen.


  1. that is a very scary black box.

  2. I know. I shouldn't quit my day job to be a photographer. Maybe he'll come again tonight!