Monday, July 6, 2009

Roughin' it

After delaying our trip one day, to get over our sluggishness and overall irresponsibility, we plowed ahead to Durango. We've never gone there, but Quinn has heard great things about the Steamworks Brewery, so we entered it into his TOM TOM and three hours later we were robotically led there. So we ate and drank beer for an hour, then I went to a coffeehouse and played with my new laptop for an hour, and finally I made our way to the campsite....without a one of the most popular places to camp.....on fourth of July weekend.

(Insert excuses here)

The camp site was beautiful, and after circling it twice we realized that it was full.

I've known Quinn for over ten years. He is so laid back. He is not the type of person to freak out over not having a place to stay. If it were just the two of us he would just drive around till he found another camp site or a cheap hotel.

Calvin's birth has revealed a whole new side of Quinn. If he's worried that Calvin's safety might be in jeopardy, all that logic goes out the window. He panics. So it was getting dark, and Calvin was getting hungry and tired. Quinn started going through the hotels that the Tom Tom listed and calling them. Hotel after hotel said they had no rooms. Finally, he got to the Best Western. "I'll take anything!" he said, and they gave him something.

Calvin was screaming in the backseat, which makes it even harder to think clearly. We found the hotel and Quinn checked in while I waited in the car, feeding leftover pizza to Calvin. Quinn's jaw was clenched when he came out of the lobby. He didn't want to get into the car while I found a parking space. He wanted to just walk. He shifted his feet. I said, "C'mon, just get in!"

So he did, and said that our room (which was the only room in the hotel without a sweet balcony) was $200. I got Calvin in his bath and got him ready for bed while Quinn got our stuff and then threw himself on the other bed, fighting back manly tears. Not only was it really expensive, but he really wanted to camp, not stay in a lame hotel.

I thought it sucked too, but I wasn't as upset. I was really tired for some reason, and fell asleep really early in the bed. What made me upset was that in the morning we realized that there were cheaper hotels all over the place, two hotels per block, and tons of camping places.

But live and learn. We got a camp site the next morning and began our first camping trip with a baby.

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