Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My New Best Friend

My mom used to always call women she just met "my new best friend," and I wondered how she could say that about someone she barely knew. Was she that full of shit, or what? But a few weeks ago I met Christine, who, within the course of a five minute conversation became my new best friend.

She went to my church, St. Dmitri's, and spent the entire service chasing her hyper toddler, Shawn, outside. Afterwards I told her that I was looking for friends who want to switch off babysitting so I could work. "Me too!" she said. She was trying to find time to be a substitute teacher. Then I said I wanted to go to Abiqui the next afternoon to interview Corinna Stoefl for my Art Field Trip blog. She wanted to go to Espanola the next morning to interview for a teaching position. So we set it up. The next day we met at McDonald's in Espanola where I watched the boys while she interviewed for her job, then we drove up to Abiqui and went to Ghost Ranch, had lunch, and then she watched Calvin while I did my interview.

It worked out perfectly. We met each other at the right time, and or lives and needs were so compatible. Plus, we had a really good time. How can I not get carried away and say, "You're my new best friend!"

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